Seastar is a video security and surveillance software solution that provides an immersive visualization of your security environment.

Wide area surveillance, 360 immersive video, video analytic’s and easy sharing of information.

Wide Area Surveillance

Megapixel arrays create ultra high-resolution panoramic views for extreme wide area surveillance.

Video Analytics

Video analytics make video surveillance systems more effective and practical for all stakeholders.

Seastar Dashboard

The Seastsr Dashboard gives you live viewing, analytics data, reports and easy sharing.

360 Immersive Video

Create 360 video with off the shelf Megapixel IP Camera’s. Unlimited Resolution.

Easy to Use

Seastar is easy to use and install. It offers a short learning curve for users and installers.

Open Platform

Seastar is open and platform independent. It works with Windows and Linux.


At Mamigo we believe video is a resource that should be interacted with and shared, not just viewed.

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